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Cover: state-of-mind
state of mind
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Der erste Track des Albums observations in a time of chances: Ein mitreißender Synthpop-Song über entfesselt agierende Finanzmärkte.
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Might will corrupt you, brother
others have needs, you don't bother
taking away their livelihood
foregrounding just your own fine mood.

Stock exchange price and market,
profit to fill your own pocket,
rig your own share and optimize,
'free markets' rule you emphasize.

one step forward(s)  two step backwards
it's a state of mind of mankind
(take, take the chance, regulate finance)

Money is just a fake good, 
it's nothing worth without food,
unrestrained global market share,
poor people die, but no one cares.

Start now to think it over,
start now to share your power,
give them a land to cultivate
no more use land to speculate.

Es war eine Zeit, in der man dachte mit Ackerboden spekulieren zu müssen.
Es war eine Zeit, in der man forderte, die Demokratie marktkonform gestalten zu müssen.

(Lyrics by Maximilian Lückenhaus / the tinopener's art)