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the tinopener's art: kiss my lips

Cover: kiss-my-lips
kiss my lips
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Track 13 des Albums observations in a time of chances: Ein atmosphärischer Elektronik-Track über eine erotische Session.
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without a move           in the dark
the touch seems smooth   but see the shark

ropes and bindings       wood and steel
breath and sweat         is what you feel

black and shiny          latex and lace 
above the dark sea       a pail skin's face

she devotes herself      to everyone
a symbol signs her face  the message is done. 

kiss my lips, kiss my hips, kiss my everywhere
kiss my skin, kiss my twins, it's all here to share
kiss my here, kiss me there, kiss me in-between
kiss my mind, from behind, do it all obscene

fix your body            with this tape now
just for pleasure        there's no barrier

hands from everywhere    touch your skin
you are bound to share   a feeling of thrill

(Lyrics by Maximilian Lückenhaus / the tinopener's art)