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the tinopener's art: fall into your arms

Cover: fall-into-your-arms
Track 10 des Albums a mode of reward: Ein clubtauglicher Track über eine dunkle Obsession und die Gefahr, sich selbst zu verlieren.
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I follow you, you follow, too

if you got lost in the deep
you never will return, never ever will return
don't turn your back
you never will return, never ever will return

if you commit yourself to the dark
you never will return, never ever come back again
don't ignore the obvious
it will be your rescue, your very last chance

never stop to question their motive
if you accept their doctrine you will loose yourself forever
don't let you fool by their promises
they'll break them anyway, break them now and everyday

so don't throw away your live for their dream
you never will get it back, never ever get it back
don't risc to get trapped
it will drag you down and never release you

(Lyrics by Maximilian Lückenhaus / the tinopener's art)