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Cover: endless-dream
endless dream
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Track 14 des Albums observations in a time of chances: eine traumhafte Ballade inmitten einer fließenden Sound-Landschaft.
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the sound of the ocean   kisses my ears
i'm feeling the wind     drifting away         
a drop in the ocean      a drop in the air
a sky full of feelings   i'm floating away 

Lie down beside me, lie in the grass,
close your eyes, close them fast.

Birds and trees, water falls, 
waves are speaking, feelings sprawl. 

The land and the water,      they meet and converge
the sky and the ocean        are melting today.
A timeless beauty            touches my soul 
an endless dream             takes my away.

I lie near the ocean, the waves are my friend
a cube in the clearing, a hand full of sand.
I draw a new coast line, the light's all around,
the waves now are flying and droping on land.

endless emotion, floating drifting 
endless emotion, floating drifting away

a drop in the ocean, a drop in the air, a drop in the sky 
a touch of the water, a touch with my hand in an endless dream of endless sand.
a drop in the ocean, a drop on the tree, a drop like a cube and the birds fly high. 
a kiss of the water, a kiss of your lips in an endless dream of an endless sky.

(Lyrics by Maximilian Lückenhaus / the tinopener's art)