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Cover: turn-around
turn around
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Track 07 des Albums observations in a time of chances: Ein Synthpop-Song über die Zweifel an einer radikalen Wendung im Leben.
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hide       and lock the door
take        back to the core

stuck       in your own thoughts

turn around turn around

touched     deeply again
breathe     counting to ten

stalled     in your own world

turn around turn around

walking down the same street
empty mind and hurting feet

countless times the same thoughts
and nothing seems to change this plot

hoping for some rain here 
to wash away your deepest fear

hope to find some new ways
to turn around and leave this maze

try         lock yourself out
fight       fight with the doubt

hit         and slam the door

turn around turn around

no          time to rethink
no          hint to a link
just        walk down this road

turn around turn around

(Lyrics by Maximilian Lückenhaus / the tinopener's art)